I must admit I am pretty anal about this topic but have seen so often misspellings in emails, letters, other electronic message platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger and even SMS’s where people use simplified language to send a message.

Now before you all go on about not having time to compose a communication properly, think about this, think of the reader of your message, be objective and wonder how the receiver will interpret your message and please ensure that you edit your message if it is not worded properly. If you are not sure, ask someone else to proofread it for you.

I know myself if I get a message either via a social messaging platform or via email if it is not worded properly, full of spelling errors, in simplified language, firstly I will wonder about the person’s intelligence (I know this is judgemental and wrong, but can’t help myself) and secondly I won’t read it.  Let’s be honest here, we all went to school, we all should have been taught grammar and writing so there is no real excuse to write any message in simplified language or full of grammatical errors and/or loads of spelling mistakes.

Reading Bob Keane’s article on PR Daily “Proper spelling and grammar in emails: It’s important” was even more pertinent to me as he describes how researchers have confirmed that spelling errors and bad grammar in emails play a role in potential employees not getting jobs, persons not getting approval for loans, etc.  Also reading Julie Boland and Robin Queen’s article “Why grammar mistakes in a short email could make some people judge you further enforced my belief that people reading email messages that contain grammatical and spelling errors perceived the writer to be less conscientious, intelligent and trustworthy, so it is not just me who feels that way.

In conclusion, rather take an extra five minutes to reword your communication, it will definitely be of benefit to you. Be proud of what you send out. Remember that people reading your message form an opinion about you so ensure that it is a good one.