It is vitally important to keep up to date with trends that one can offer clients to best ROI for their PR and marketing efforts.

The Ragan article 8 areas PR pros should focus their effort on for 2016 highlights areas like agility, one needs to be ahead of all the trends, keep abreast of what is happening on social media and not just stay in reactive mode.

It is extremely important for organisations to increase their communications to their internal stakeholders via social media platforms.

Writing content that engages audiences is really important ensuring that you have followers of your brand 24/7.  You can’t afford not to.

Paid influencers will set the trend which raises an interesting question regarding traditional advertising, would this be on its way out?

Brand managers will need to realise that they are communicating to real people and not just to mindless audiences and they should write their messages in easy understandable language.

Tools will be used more effectively measuring probable brand advocates by demographics such as location,  industry or subject matter.

Professional development will be a must and not a nice to have done which is a good thing as it is always important to keep learning.