I have been wanting to write about this topic for ages and I decided today was a good day to do so, how often do you get personalised emails or letters and they either have your gender wrong, your first name wrong or they address the email to just your surname, don’t know about you but that irritates me intensely.

How would you feel if someone greeted you by your surname or called you mister instead of miss, ms or mrs to your face, how would you feel then?  I am guessing you would not want to continue the conversation and that is almost the way I feel about incorrectly addressed personalised emails.

A few weeks ago, I heard an advertisement on the radio about buying a car online, I won’t go into specifics about the company, I am sure you have all heard the advertisements on the radio.  Anyway, you had to go onto their website, complete a form and then someone would be in contact with you.  Well, they did contact me, by email, addressed to a different name, I thought how difficult can it be to check your leads before you send the email.  Well clearly it was, the person who sent the email did not bother to check that he had the name right before he sent the mail.  To cut a long story short, I replied back to say if they could not get my details correct on this first contact, I did not want to continue with the relationship.  Now you all might think that this was silly of me but relationship marketing is all about relationships, good relationships, so I don’t want to have a relationship with a company that cannot get my name right.

The company probably won’t care that I did not take them up on the offer, I did not even get a reply back with an apology so clearly they don’t need my business but it they did that to me, how many other emails have they sent incorrectly named and how many people felt like me and did not continue the relationship.

The important thing to take away here is if you plan to personalise your emails, please ensure that all the information is correct in the heading and body of the mail before sending it as there is probably a lot of people who will press “delete” without reading that email.