Today, I read an article about someone opting out of reading their emails every day. He has changed his whole way of working and only reads his emails once a week and it got me to thinking about my habits.

I check my emails on either a computer or a tablet a number of times a day, I have also decided not to do that on my phone otherwise I probably would check my inbox more frequently, almost like having FOMO.  So I wondered how many others have decided to restrict the number of times that they check emails.

I have friends who only check theirs a few times a week but that is their personal emails not like me who runs a business and needs to check what emails I have received a bit more frequently. On weekends, I don’t necessarily read the entire email, I check to see if there is anything important and if there is, I will open the individual mail up and either respond or act on a request that has been asked of me.

Sometimes it is fantastic to plug yourself out of the digital world even if it is for just a day.  I do think we all need a break from time to time and what that time consists of, whether it is an entire day, weekend or week, I guess is up to you.

What amazes me sometimes is the amount of people running on a treadmill at the gym or cycling on the stationery bikes and perusing their phones, either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or checking their emails.  Now that is where I draw the line, sorry you are at gym to de-stress, those messages will still be there after your hour or however long you are at the gym, do use that time to unplug yourself from your digital world, you will appreciate that hour of bliss and it will be good for you both mentally and physically.

Now, I am still on the fence about only checking my emails once a week, what are your email habits? Share your do’s and don’ts.