I came across an article the other day entitled How to Keep Your Computer’s Desktop Clean & Organized: 7 Helpful Tips and I was reminded of how different people are as regards keeping their computer desktops clean and organised. For me, I cannot understand how people can have icons all over their desktops, I prefer keeping mine clean and tidy.  I have a folder where I store all my links to the various programs on my computer for easy reference and at least I can view my ever changing desktop wallpaper, courtesy of Bing.

I used to work with a colleague who did not have any clean space on his desktop at all and when I challenged him to clean it up, he replied that he liked it all messed up, he knew that he could find stuff easily but in my mind, an untidy desktop equates to a disorganised person.  Now that may be unkind and perhaps not true for those of you who have icons all over the place and believe it is organised chaos but it would be interesting if one analysed the different behaviours as regards desktop cleanliness and came up with some research as regards whether or not disorganised computer desktops equate to disorganised lifestyles for both work and leisure.

I would certainly welcome your feedback on this topic.