In the Ragan PR daily article entitled “6 reasons why visuals should rule your content marketing strategy“, it is emphasised that words are no longer enough for putting together your online or printed content.  Visual content marketing is the way to go as it is a much simpler way of telling a story and thereby keeping your audience engaged.

Research has indicated that visuals are processed far more rapidly than text by the brain and they make a better impact than just using text.

Think of a pre-school ‘show and tell’.  If you did not have visuals accompanying your story, you would find the children’s attention waning.  With visuals accompanying text, one firstly gets the attention and the story is interpreted in the correct manner.

Visuals can be either in the format of infographics, images or videos where appropriate.  Images are automatically social media friendly, appeal to one’s emotions and can be used as a headline rather than using text which might not get as much attention. Your brand is enhanced and the content becomes more shareable.

So before you commence putting together that content marketing strategy, remember to include visuals, otherwise you might find your content does not attract as much engagement as you had anticipated.