In an article titled “Five questions every content marketer needs to answer” Jack Simpson shares with us what is important regarding content marketing.  Now, more that ever, content is king, especially good content, that is shared over and over again.

The first question he says one should ask is why are you doing this?  Because content marketing requires a lot of time and effort, it is extremely import to know why you are actually doing it. Here social listening should definitely play a part, listen to your cusomers, are you doing it for all the right reasons, what do you hope to gain here? Will this be beneficial for your company and be honest with your answer, don’t just do because everyone is doing it, it might not be the right thing for you, your company or your customers.

The second question is whether you know who your customers are, you immediately answer yes of course, but do you really know, how do you know what they prefer, have you asked them? How did you ask them?  There are a number of tools on the market that can help you understand who you are customers are, and what their preferences are as regards purchases, tastes in music, food, etc.

The third question I have answered with the second question regarding what do they want.

The fourth question is what medium should one use to get your content out there and there are a variety of mediums you could choose but once again make sure it is the right medium for you, your company and your customers.

The fifth question goes around measurement which is extremely important for any marketing campaign, otherwise how will you know what you have put out there is the right content, was it read, was it shared and the marketing tools mentioned earlier should help you with measuring your message had the right impact or not.

So before putting that content out there, remember to ask these five questions first.