There are many posts that I have read lately on the latest graphic and social media trends for 2016 but the majority agree on certain aspects of graphic design which will be trending this year.

The article 10 Brilliant Graphic Designs Trends of 2016  tells us that Flat Designs are in.  Now for those who do not know what a flat design is, it is a minimalistic design approach that accentuates usability. The designs feature clean, open spaces, crisp edges, bright colours and two-dimensional/flat illustrations.  It is all about improving the user experience so that when you design a website or any other design you focus on how the user experience through the use of bright, contrasting colours having illustrations and buttons pop out from backgrounds, all of these elements easily grab their attention and guide the user’s eye to your designs and you have an engaged user.

Typography becomes bold, letter stacking and hand written fonts are being designed.  There are an amazing store of free fonts available on various sites that I download daily which means that you are not stuck with the normal fonts that we have got used to, namely Trebuchet, Verdana or Arial to suggest a few popular ones, so experiment with new ones, the world of typography is opening up.

Hand drawn illustrations are in, sketching lines and adding brushstrokes, mixing tools and art techniques, combining digital and analogue elements in the drawings and animating the art as well as photographs.

I am so pleased that retro is back – I love that look although it is called the new Retro. The 80’s and 90’s were good decades and I really love the retro look and feel on websites, funky and fun.

Minimalistic logotypes is the trend as well for this year. Minimalistic design refers to anything that is spare or stripped to its essentials and flat design, using negative space to your advantage, subtle gradients and kinetic logos which adds style and makes their designs more engaging and dynamic.

Geometric shapes are still in and blend completely with the retro look of the 80’s and 90’s.  Packaging is expected to show very strong geometric designs.

Other trends expected to continue in 2016 is print-inspired and movie as well as cartoon inspired graphic design which makes for a very interesting year and I look forward to seeing how logos, typefaces and websites evolve this year.